Who is your Best Friend?

Do you have friends?

Most of them will say Yes, I do have many.

Do you have a best friend?

My answer is, Yes, I am having a best friend, the person whom I can believe.

How you can identify a best friend?

It is very difficult to identify the best friend in our normal life; Let’s go through one of my experience.

A few years back I went to the hospital for a consultation, I went along with my wife. After the consultation doctor told, need to do an emergency operation! we were shocked by listening to that never thought of an operation.

What will do no one with us! I told my wife; call my colleague Mahi he will help us. She called him and the reply was, I am not in town and traveling to someplace.

I am having lots for friends why should I ask to call Mahi? There is a reason for calling Mahi. Mahi was a colleague in my office who sits on the same floor. I know that he doesn’t like the way I react to him in common discussion forums while he talks, and this ends up with arguments. But we used to wish each other while pass-through the way.

A couple of months back I was admitted to the hospital for an emergency. My wife informed the situation in my office, No one from my office including my friends and colleagues responded nor checked the status.

One day Mahi asked my friends about me, because he saw that my seat is vacant for a long time, they told him I had a fever and got admitted to the hospital. Mahi called in my number, my wife picked and told him that I am in ICU. He informed my friends the same, but no one responded! They might have thought that getting admitted to ICU nowadays quite normal in Bangalore and may not be anything serious. Mahi came to the hospital and realized that I am in a very bad condition. He was a frequent visitor in the hospital after that.

We were sure that if we call him, he will help, but unfortunately, he was not available in the city at that time. No one was available nearby, so we decided to start the procedure. The preparations took almost 2 hours and it’s time to go. When they took me towards OT, I saw that Mahi coming towards OT and somehow he made it!, I felt safe because someone is there to take care. He was there till I shifted to a room. From that moment I realized that he is my best friend.

Who should be your best friend?

The person who calls frequently to talk on the phone can be a best friend, but I believe they are not our best friends.

Phony friends are usually more concerned with their own needs than ours. If you watch them you will understand, they will not listen to you but waiting for a break in the conversation to talk about themselves. Phonies only call you when they want or need something, and they always need something from us.

The best friend will not be a nice person with polished statements they will tell you what wrong in you or what you did wrong. The true friend always fights with you for doing the right things.

Genuine friends call you just to ask how you’re doing, and they want to know how you are doing. We will feel more comfortable when our true friends are around. They choose to protect our reputation at any time.

The true friend always with you even in your difficult times.


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