Kids Corner created for helping parents with “COVID-19 Parenting tricks”. Its hard to feel positive when our kids are driving us crazy. We often end up saying ” Stop doing that!” But children are much more likely to do what we tell them with lots of praise for what they do. Let’s make our children active by using Stories,Games and other entertainment.

  • Keeping things positive
    • Always talk about the behavior what we would like to see in them.
    • Speak in calm voice, call them with their names, avoid shouting at your kids.
    • Praise them whenever they did good or behave well, even if its very small try to highlight that.
    • If we found that kids doing something wrong, then re-direct them to different activity something very interesting to them.
    • Take a 15 min break on your work and spend that time with kids. Ensure that equal time we spend with each one of them.
    • Talk them about COVID-19 make them realize that how we can prevent. What all are the do’s and don’ts.
    • Try to make a timetable for weekdays and weekends.  Let them decide what they want to do in each day as per timetable. Timetable just to guide them to stop current activity and start next.
undefinedPaintings By Nessa Antony
undefinedPaintings By Catherine Antony
undefinedPaintings By Cierra Antony

Kids Workout

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