Become a boring Monkey during Work From Home

It’s not just you and Me ! almost everyone having this issue. Now most of them prefer to go to office at least once in a while.

Once a Monkey wished to die due to sadness, he pulled the ears of a sleeping Lion!? because he was sure Lion will kill him with anger.

The lion woke up and roared with anger:- Who did this? Who invited his death?

Monkey:- I did, Maharaj, I am very depressed due to lack of friends and I want to die, why don’t you kill and eat me?

The lion asked with a laugh:- Did anyone see you while pulling my ears!?

Monkey: No Chief !

Lion:- Okay, then you pull one or two more times, it feels very good!!!

Monkey:- Pling !!!

The Essence of this Story..

By living alone, even the King of Jungle gets bored…

So stay in touch with your friends and family members, keep pulling their ears, dragging, blabbering..

Don’t be dull, keep on having fun.. not fun alone also do it with others.

Treat yourself and celebrate

Statutory warning for married people:- Don’t try to do this fun with your wife! the fun may end up with your funeral celebration.

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Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by here! My writings are about my own life what it teaches me. I write not about my traveling, but these are about the experience while I traveled through my life. I hope you enjoy reading, enjoy your life, and stay safe.

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