Whether Work from Home beneficial for Employee or Employer! Let’s look at some factors below?

Employer Benefits are as follows,

  • Productivity increases
  • Transportation time converts to work hours
  • Save on team building events
  • Save on transportation expenses
  • Save on infrastructure expenses

Employee Benefits are as follows,

  • Work and live anywhere
  • Have flexible hours
  • Eliminate or reduce commuting
  • Accommodate special needs

We need to set up a home office because of the long working hours which need more comfort in the environment. This required new extra expenses like Electricity bills, Internet bills, and additional infrastructure.

The most important part is, the moment we started working from home lots of restrictions imposed on top of family members especially on kids and grandparents.

Tommy works in a software company because of the pandemic situation he started working from home. One day Tommy was attending a video conference with his Manager who was upset over the background noises. Tommy turned around and told his Grandmother to keep quiet.

She walks towards Tommy, to investigate what he was doing and saw a person on the Monitor and asked, who is he?

The Tommy muted his audio and video and said, He is my Manager.

She said I want to talk to him, but Tommy denied it. Tommy un-muted to talk by the time Grandmother shouted to Manager I want to talk to you.

The manager agreed and the Tommy allowed her to speak. With a smile, The Grandmother said, Good evening. You look upset!

The Manager said, Yeah, work tension and a lot of noise around your house because of that we are not able to complete the meeting on time.

The Grandmother asked, may I help solve your problem?

The Grandmother narrated, once there was a Young man, who sat under a tree for taking rest. He was continuously hearing a bird’s sound. He lifted his head and seeing a bird, started chasing it so that he could peacefully take some rest. The bird came closer to him and said, you are taking rest under my nest. I never asked you to leave this place, but you should learn to co-exist with us.

The Grandmother looked at both and said, Your Home is your nest where you are supposed to take rest and bond with your dear and near ones. I do understand the Covid-19 situation, but you should also understand that our home is not your office.

When we come to visit our family members at your office place, we are expected to behave professionally or maintain a certain decorum.

Similarly, when you are using our home for your office work, you should understand the situation at our home.

There is nothing wrong with working from home, but remember, it is the family member’s benevolent nature, that is keeping the corporate world functioning today and the economy running.

She looked at the manager and asked, am I correct?

The Manager’s mother peeped and said, yes you are right!

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