You believe in GOD?

This is a common question come across in our life.

My answer is yes, I do believe in God. I am having my reason to believe in GOD.

Two types of people are good in my experience, the one who believe in God and other is the one who say I am not believe in God. Both category people believe in something so others can also believe them with closed eyes (It’s up to you whether you want to close your eyes fully! while believe in others and walk along with them). The third category people are not believing in anything and try to make others believe that they believe in something. We may need to handle this third category people very carefully else they will put us in trouble.

Let’s go through a small story.

A poor man who works in a shoe factory his name is Jerry. Jerry works hard for running his family. Jerry used to go to work on his cycle and that Cycle is the only one item he owns in his life. Because of his terrific life experience, he never believes in God. One Saturday while Jerry coming back from factory, he thought of buy something for his kids and stopped at market. Jerry parked his cycle and went inside the Market. There he met his old school friends they thought of spent some time each other because they are meeting first time after their Old School Days!, Jerry walked along with his friends and reached near to his house. Jerry invited his friends to his house they had lots of fun together and all left after dinner. It was happiest day for Jerry in his life.

Jerry was getting ready for sleep and remembered that he forgot to take his cycle from market he searched the keys and realized that he forgot to lock the cycle in the hurry. He was sure that he lost his only one asset in his life. He was very sad, by looking at his sad face, his wife told “You just pray to God! He will show some way.” Jerry looked at his wife with hopeless mind. Since there is no other way he said if I get my cycle back, I will believe in God! Jerry knows that he will not get his cycle back because it was very busy street where he kept his cycle without locking it.

With hopeless mind he walked towards market and he saw from very far that one cycle in that empty street! he started running and can’t believe his eyes that was his cycle. Cycle was locked and no key in cycle, but he was sure that he didn’t lock the cycle! Jerry saw that one man sleeping in footpath by holding his cycle key. Jerry make the man wok up and the man smiled at him and given the key without any doubt. This makes Jerry thought whether God is there! Jerry thanked the man who given the cycle key.

While riding back to home there is one church near to his house he decided to say thanks to God. He kept his cycle outside and went inside the church and thanked for giving his cycle back, after that he came out from church and found that his cycle is not there in the place where he kept and he is having the keys with him because he secured his cycle before he leaving that place!

Whether Jerry still believe in God!

what about you?

You are still looking for a reason! then its time to find out one.

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Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by here! My writings are about my own life what it teaches me. I write not about my traveling, but these are about the experience while I traveled through my life. I hope you enjoy reading, enjoy your life, and stay safe.

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