The New Normal

If you are not knowing that now you are in new normal! yes, it is.

You are now in new normal life.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic on a global scale, governments, corporations, and people are forced to adapt to keep the world, as we know it, afloat. To overcome the challenges posed by this viral infection, we must embrace the “new normal.”

The current life which we are going through will be our new normal life everyone having different new normal.

Lock down restrictions are slowly being lifted across all nations, but things have not returned to the old ‘normal’ yet and probably never will — more time online is likely to continue to be part of life.

Understanding pain of married, the new normal may be pathetic for you people because spending full day with spouse! that also continuously for months. And no clue when we can escape! let’s constrain with current new normal situation and stay safe.

Stay@Home & Stay Safe”

When I sent this quote to one of my friends, he texted me back “what nonsense you sent!”  

I asked him what happened ‘Bro’ this is a normal message nowadays people sharing over Whats App, I also did the same.

He said, how come you are saying stay at home that also safe stay! We are not safe at home Bro!

That message made me think whether I am safe@home. ‘Yes, I do believe I am safe@home.’

We’re not able to do our usual things — not only work and school, but things like haircuts, dental check ups, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, shops and more. That can make us feel very restricted but still most people reached in a position that we can do most of the above-mentioned activities at home without the help of any outsider.

Few of my Achievements during Covid-19

This year (The year 2020) I am not done any haircuts from outside now this is just two days left for July 2020. In the Month of March I had done my hair cut with the help of my wife and ended up with bald head with beard style! yes, that is also a new look!!! This made me think how we can do ourselves without any help of a third person. The research ended up with new simple techniques to cut my hair myself! Its very simple and powerful. By using one normal plane comb and blade we can cut our hair on any style. Better don’t plan any style before you start cutting, whatever the outcome after cutting should be your style.

Another achievement of year 2020 is the kerala porotta. Kerala porotta is one of the difficult dishes to make. If you feel to have a good layered kerala porotta,better to go to the specialized restaurants to have them. But Covid-19 lock down taught me how to make kerala Porotta @Home with same layered structure which we used to get in restaurants.

Things that can be tried in’The New Normal’
  1. Read a new Book
  2. Write a novel or article for your choice
  3. Do some paintings lots of tricks and tips available in YouTube
  4. Try a fitness challenge
  5. Cook something new
  6. Play a board game
  7. Deep clean your house
  8. Stretch out with a yoga class
  9. Start a blog
  10. Solve a mystery

Enjoy each moment of your life with full of fun!

Thanks for reading

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Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by here! My writings are about my own life what it teaches me. I write not about my traveling, but these are about the experience while I traveled through my life. I hope you enjoy reading, enjoy your life, and stay safe.

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